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Sent: Monday, June 30, 2003 4:59 PM
Subject: american teen ( senior year)

hey steve
bruce and i spoke with nanette today and we are revising the "american teen"
(new title for now)treatment and should have a new one in the next few days


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Subject: Fwd: FW: cuba

i would like to be a part of the "revolucion" meeting ..... i brought this project in and really pushed for it with you and you said you weren't interested at the time .... i see from the emails that barbara said you should meet with her and that carries a great deal of weight .... but i would like to know what the interest is now and expect to be a part of the project if cp decides to move forward with it .....

in regard to "american teen" i expect to be a part of all pitch meetings for the project .... i have developed this idea with nanette from the beginning ( it is an idea we created together when i met with her to talk about reality films) and i am putting a lot of work into it with her and plan to be a part of it moving forward .....

i would like to meet with you, as i have already said to you, to discuss all projects so that we are on the same page with them and there is a clear understanding as far as moving forward .....

since i am not in today, please have a check for me on monday and an answer for me as to when i will receive the balance that is due .....

have a great weekend ......

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Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2003 6:58 PM
Subject: projects

hey steve
what is the status on bimbos ... have you talked with peter yet and/or have
any decisions been made so that we can move ahead ... ?

are we still on for the showtime meeting next week for "american teen"
...if so, i would like to discuss beforehand ... i am also going to have ben
give you a copy of the most updated treatment that i just got back from
nanette ( a mixture of annie, bruce and nanette ... )...


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Sent: Monday, July 21, 2003 4:32 PM
Subject: Re: showtime meeting

are we still on for wednesday at 1pm with showtime for "american teen"
....nanette asked me to confirm with her ... should she meet us here and or at
showtime ?
please let me know ....

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Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2003 6:23 PM
Subject: american teen

i spoke with nanette and let her know that the showtime meeting was canceled
and would be rescheduled ... she said that you told her that you were
setting up meetings with new line and miramax and she wanted to know when
you were planning to do so ...

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Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2003 2:36 PM
Subject: moving forward

can we meet to discuss how things will work with bimbos, american teen etc
once i am gone ... i am in regular touch with abbie, peter and nanette but
want to be clear on things ... for instance i have been working with bruce
on the treatments and giving him all of the notes etc ... things like this
and the bigger picture of the projects as well ....

also, what is this consulting work that you have mentioned to me ... what
are you really doing post labor day ?

let's talk ....

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Sent: Monday, July 21, 2003 6:23 PM
Subject: Re: updates/questions

what is status on bimbos ... have you spoken with peter yet ?
i spoke with abbie and she said that she hadn't heard from you or peter ...
she is meeting with tim blake nelson this week and really needs to get some
answers in regard to budget so she knows how to move forward .... peter
seems to be holding firm on $2million below the line plus cast ... so a
conversation really needs to happen between the two of you ...
and abbie said "surfs up in l.a. !"

i spoke with nanette regarding "american teen"
... she understood what you were saying and we came up with some ideas of how to change the treatment... i spoke with bruce and i am going to work with him tomorrow morning so
that we have a new treatment that everyone signs off on for wednesday ....

i have a new treatment and budgets from nicole cattell for the cuba project
and will update you once i have gone through them ...

i went through samara's treatment for gary's story and gave her a bunch of
notes and a more specific direction to rework the treatment ....

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Sent: Friday, September 19, 2003 3:47 PM
Subject: american teen

here is the latest version of american teen ..... neither nanetter nor i can work with or send the cameraplanet document so i had to cut and paste our new version to an email and start over which meant i couldn't use cameraplanet headings or the photo ....
once meetings are set up and we are ready to go out with it, bruce can reformat to cameraplanet format ......
have a good weekend !

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Sent: Tuesday, November 04, 2003 3:14 PM
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Subject: american teen

hey steve,
nanette and i are moving forward on "american teen" and are setting up meetings ... we would like to meet with you to discuss what potential involvement/ credit you/cp would have. i will call you when i get back to set something up.
talk to you soon ......

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From: Durier Ryan []
Sent: Thursday, February 12, 2004 12:13 PM
Subject: American Teen
Importance: Low


Attached is the treatment for "American Teen."

Please let me know if you have any trouble opening.


Durier Ryan
Asst. to Nanette Burstein
(212) 414-4131

* Removed

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From: Steve Carlis []
Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2004 7:42 AM
To: ''
Subject: quick run thru

See you at 10am....
Basic costs to start a TV production company:
Head of Dev/Sales 100k
Asst writer/etc. 40k
Misc including dev funds 60k
Total year 1 200k plus Carlis
Special----average 250k/hour 25k in fees, 25k in other, total in pocket 50k.
Series-6 hours avg 250/hour 150k in fees, 150k in other
Series-13 hours avg 250/hour 300k in fees, 300 in other
Need one 13 hour series to breakeven in year 1.
-Nanette Burstein-major documentary reputation (Kid Stays in Picture etc) Currently does about 5 mil/year. Smart, creative, reasonable, would be a great creative name on doorM
-Engle Bros-great production company. Steve Engel is ex investment banker who really understand the business but does not know how to take next step. About 5 mil per year.
-Rob Miller-agent who controls about 25 mil per year in tv production thru his clients. There are 3 or 4 of his clients that are interesting. Screaming Flea, Sarah Teale, Chuck Braverman
-Barbara Kopple-very talented but difficult-approx 3 mil per year
-Peter Gilbert-lots of great relationships and could be great creative partner
-Atlas Media-10 year old production company that does about 10 mil per year. Bruce David Klein is decent, and smart guy, but wont give up the store for no reason. No dummy.
Gross Revenue 5 million
COGS 3.5 million
Overhead 1.0 million
Net profit 500k
-That net profit goes into owners pockets.
-can reduce overhead by at least 300k and can reduce COGS by 500k by consolidation.



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From: Lee Horvitz []
Sent: Thursday, October 07, 2004 6:08 AM
Subject: Re: nanette deal overall....

Steve, thx for sending over. I'm flying back to la today. Nanette, her
attorney, and I will be discussing in next day or so and we'll respomd beg
of next week

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From: Steve Carlis
CC: Lee Horvitz
Sent: Mon Oct 04 12:01:09 2004
Subject: nanette deal overall....

Hi...take a look at below-it's a summary to discuss and then we can do a 2
or 3 page short form while negotiating the long form....All points are open
for discussion

SHORT TERM -thru the end of the year
-we provide development, prod manage for new projects and assist in
selling...writing pitches etc.
-set up an account for her projects with dual sigs
-She gets her fee plus either 5% of the gross or 50/50 of the gross margin
after recoupment of an overhead fee of 35%. Any unapproved overages are held
up against her participation.
-CREDITS on projects are Enable Studios present a Nanette Burstein project.

OVERALL-per jan 1
-3 year deal exclusive (this just means projects run thru Enable)
-100k cash signing bonus and 150k paid over 3 years as long as gross
revenues are 3 mil/year.
-200k/salary which must be recouped out of gross margins (3rd party costs).
250k years 2 and 3. If does not hit minimum, she is reduced in salary by the
loss in gross margin from year to year.
-bonus paid 75% out of personal performance and 25% of company. All project
gross margins are pooled and are paid out. Margins are split 50/50 with
management.investors after recoupment of overhead fee as per above.
-Chief Creative Officer and lead director of Enable...headline director .
-Founders equity options to purchase over 5% in the company based on
vesting schedule


Date: June 6, 2006 6:35:47 PM EDT
Subject: Re: nice


American Teen is an idea I created and have developed for years, long before I met anyone from Camera Planet. Two years ago, Steve Carlis was asking what kind of projects I was developing to see if he could help me get the financing. I submitted American Teen as one of my ideas/films I was trying to make, and he told me that Camera Planet could help me find financing. There was never any oral or written agreement between us. It was more like if you can help me, great. However, an entire year went by and nothing got done. There was never even a single meeting set up with any kind of financing entity. The only thing that Camera Planet did do was offer to help me write a treatment, which someone there did but it was very poorly written. I ended up throwing out the treatment and writing an entirely different treatment on my own. I then told Steve Carlis that I was going to raise the money myself and produce it entirely myself since Camera Planet never did anything to help me after a year going by. I then singlehandely produced the movie, raising all of the money on my own. The one company that did help me raise the money was Cinetic Media. We had a written contractual agreement.

The film is being financed by A&E and two private equity companies, Quasi World Entertainment and 57th and Irving. I am producing the film myself through my production company, Firehouse Films, and have been out here making it in Indiana for the last year. Steve Carlis and Camera Planet have absolutely nothing to do with it.

I work hard to produce my own movies and series that have nothing to do with you or Camera Planet, but are made by my sheer will, creativity and working 24/7. I also told you that I do not work with Steve Carlis and I have not even spoken to him in over a year. The statements made in your emails and accusations are baseless.

Nanette Burstein



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